Unlock the secret to gaming and esports success

Many factors can make a game successful, but there’s one important element that’s often less talked about: network infrastructure. Developers and publishers must weigh several key network infrastructure and connectivity considerations, which can often make a huge difference in the success and profitability of a title.

Using case studies, interviews, and analysis, Niko Partners and Telstra developed a white paper to help you better understand those considerations. Download the white paper to learn about:

  • The growth of the gaming sector in Asia and North America, its impact on global networks, and what it means for the industry
  • How network demands, costs, and diversity influence the production, testing and release of games globally
  • How to navigate regional complexity when launching games in Asia-Pacific and how to ensure your gaming network is reliable and scalable, and
  • How and why network infrastructure plays a critical role in producing and distributing esports content
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