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SOTI Research Report – Gaming in a Pandemic
Criminals spent more time targeting gamers in 2020 than they have in previous years. And they've turned their attention toward gaming companies, as well. 

Akamai noticed that along with a 224% increase in credential stuffing attacks, web attacks aimed at gaming companies were up 340%.

Despite the increased focus on targeting gaming companies, DDoS attacks were down nearly 20% (while still representing 46% of the total attacks we witnessed).

SOTI Research: Gaming in a Pandemic explores these numbers, reveals the preferred attack methods, and looks at the rise in phishing as a service kits aimed at separating gamers from their money.

Download this report now to learn more about these facts:
  • 246,064,297 web application attacks — a 340% increase over 2019
  • 10,851,228,730 credential stuffing attacks, representing a 224% year-over-year increase
  • DDoS attacks fell 20%, but still represent 46% of the total number we witnessed in 2020
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